POE update1.41 will bring new Delirium







The new version of tracks is now available, while Grinding Gear Games has released the latest patch on various platforms, allowing players to download the patch to complete another upgrade.

The new version (3.10.0d) makes a lot of changes to the existing in-game optimizations, not only to the chance of monsters appearing before, but also to the difficulty of each boss. Not only that, but because the Delirium modifiers are less likely to be added to monsters, players don't have as much difficulty with each battle as they did before. In terms of weapons, the pesky mortar won't do any damage to the impact, so players can play with confidence.



The use of Delirium modifiers has been modified again, and unlike previous random modifications, this time the kaito can only be used according to each category. This means that a particular group of monsters will have only one Delirium modifier, rather than potentially a variety of Delirium modifiers.

Reduced the difficulty of each of the Delirium monsters in the fog. This makes it easier for players to get bonuses and Buy POE Items.

Simulacrum Splinters' drop probability is greatly increased.



Thanks to this patch update, the Delirium modifiers are much less likely to appear in the game and because of this, the monsters are much easier to play against.

Reduces the damage of fixed volatiles caused by Digust's mortar skill by 30%.



Rage monster damage reduced by 20%.

Reduces the damage done by the casting skill used by monsters by 50%. In addition, this projectile skill is affected by additional projectile modifiers for longer. The explosion loss is unchanged.



Increased the area where monsters can be triggered

Because of this patch, the area where monsters can be generated in the game has been greatly improved. It makes it easier for players to play against monsters. There are various POE items that players need on MMOAH. For this reason, players can buy whatever you need while other players are in short supply. This is an absolutely safe money supplier.